Why They Didn’t Throw Her Out of the Church

August 04 | By Phil Waldrep

My pastor recently shared a story about a church that wanted to dismiss a member because she was caught dancing.


Granted – this was several years ago when people thought dancing was one of the worst moral sins a person could commit.


The lady, who apparently refused to repent, knew that the church leadership intended to withdrawn fellowship, meaning that she would no longer be a member of the church.


Well, the night of the meeting came and the pastor told the church about her sin.


And he explained that their church bylaws clearly stated that no member of their church could dance.


Before they voted, however, another member of the church requested that another section of the by-laws be read – the section that stated all members were required to tithe.


She then asked if the treasurer could read a list of all members who were giving so they could identify the ones who weren’t, then they would be able to put their names with the dancer as they voted them all out of the church.


For some strange reason, the leadership decided that won’t be necessary and they withdrew the motion to dismiss the member who danced.


That story reminds me of the woman caught in adultery in eighth chapter of John.


They wanted Jesus to participate in the stoning but Jesus started writing in the dirt.


The Bible doesn’t tell us what he wrote, but whatever it was, the Pharisees one by one slipped away.


There is a lesson for us to remember: self-righteous wants to throw rocks at sinners but godly people want to bring them to the Rock that can forgive their sin.


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