What Granny’s Biscuits Taught Me About Life

August 28 | By Phil Waldrep

Recently, I began thinking about my maternal grandmother and especially her homemade biscuits.


I remember one morning watching her make her biscuits – biscuits she made from scratch.


She took ole fashion flour, put it into a bowl and started adding milk, stirring it as she did.


Then, she took the dough and worked it with her hands, pressing it and turning it.


Then, she took ole timey lard and greased a cooking sheet.


Then, she cut out the biscuits with a cookie cutter and put them in the oven.


Several minutes later, out came a foretaste of heaven!


I remember one day when she was making biscuits that I couldn’t wait.


It seemed to me if the biscuits tasted good, then everything used to make them must taste good.


So, I ran my finger through the lard.


That tasted terrible!


Then I pinched some flour and it had no flavor.


Quite frankly, none of the ingredients used in her biscuits tasted good when you consumed them alone, but when you put them together, they made something wonderful.


You know, that is the way our Lord works in our lives.

He takes all the experiences of life – the good and the bad – works them in together and puts us in the refining fire of his love and produces something good every time.


Paul expressed it this way in Romans eight, twenty-eight: For we know that for those who love God all things work together for good.


Today if you are going through an experience that doesn’t taste good, just remember: the master chef is at work and something good will come from it.


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