What Does God Look Like?

July 28 | By Phil Waldrep

Children can ask the simplest, yet most profound, questions.


I discovered that when a little girl asked me one Sunday, “what does God look like?”


For a moment, I tried to discern the reason for her question.


Was she asking me if God was black or white or Hispanic?


Was she asking me if God was tall or short or what color eyes he had?


Instead of analyzing her motive, I asked her why she wanted to know.


She said that she wanted to know what God looked like so she would know when he was telling her to do something.


“Well, then,” I said, “God sometimes looks like your mom or dad – when they are telling you to clean your room or do your homework. 


Sometimes he looks like your teacher when she is telling you to be quiet so everyone can do their work.


And sometimes God looks like your pastor when he is teaching you a Bible story.


For her mind, that answer was sufficient.


As adults, the question becomes deeper.


If you want to know what God looks like, then look at Jesus, because he is God in human flesh.


Granted, we don’t know much about the physical features of Jesus – and that is probably a good thing because we would try to look like him on the outside instead of being like him on the inside.


Which brings me to a question for you: if the little girl who asked me what God looks like met you, would she see Jesus – that is, a little glimpse of God - in you?


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