How Old People Should Act

July 05 | By Phil Waldrep

As many of you know, I love older adults.


But I need to tell you: there are two kinds of older adults – optimists and pessimists.


The optimist believes the best days are ahead, but the pessimist believes the best is in the past.


The optimist wants to make things better, while the pessimist doesn’t want to change.


The optimist encourages with their enthusiasm but the pessimist discourages by reminding everyone why something won’t work.


Well, there is a great optimist in the Bible for all of us to follow.


His name is Caleb.


He was one of the twelve spies that Moses sent into the Promised Land and only one of two – Joshua being the other one – upon their return, that said that the Israelites needed to move forward and possess the land.


Caleb was forty years old when he was a spy.


He appears again in Joshua chapter 14, as an 85 year-old man.


Is he bitter?






Not at all.


Is he a pessimist? 


No sir.


He is more optimistic than ever!


When Joshua divided the Promised Land, Caleb requested the land of Hebron be given to him and his family.


His request was granted, but there was something strange about it.


Hebron still was occupied by the strongest king with the biggest warriors in Canaan.


But Caleb believed the promises of God and our Lord honored it by allowing Caleb to defeat the occupants and possess the land.


Caleb was an optimist at 40 and he was an optimist at 85.


I don’t know about you, but I want to have that kind of attitude at every stage of my life, but especially when I am 85.


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