Find Someone Who Believes in You

June 20 | By Phil Waldrep

Anyone who is around me will some learn that I believe one of the most powerful emotional forces in the world is someone who believes in you and encourages you.


Recently, I was reading an article about Henry Ford, the famous car manufacturer. 


Before the automobile, the only form of transportation for most families was horse-drawn wagons.


Although most people didn’t know any different, horse-drawn transportation was slow and unreliable.


So, Henry Ford had a dream – a dream of producing an engine that would produce power to turn wheels that, in turn, could take people from one place to another.


Needless to say, people thought Mr. Ford’s idea was ridiculous and one that was impossible.


And he was about to give up his dream and quit trying to produce cars when he had a discussion with an inventor named Thomas Edison.


Instead of telling Ford how stupid his idea was, Thomas Edison told him that his dream was brilliant and from that point on, Edison became the greatest encourager that Henry Ford had.


When we have a dream, it is easy to see why we need encouragement.


But, today, I want you to look around.


Who are the people in your life that have a dream and need you to become their cheerleader?


Maybe it is a student in your church who dreams of getting into medical school.


Or a single mom in your neighborhood who is taking courses at night in hopes of getting a better job.


Perhaps a singer, a writer or a performer trying to make a successful career.


All Fords looking for an Edison.


So, today, let me ask: who are you encouraging to reach their dreams?


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