Check the Soil

May 21 | By Phil Waldrep

Last fall I drove by the house where I was raised as a child and noticed a gentleman in the back yard picking up pecans – or, as some of you might call them, “pee-cans”.


Seeing him brought back memories because I remember as a very young child my father planting that pecan tree.


For several years, it grew but it never produced any pecans.


Not one!


Finally, my father called an expert to see what was wrong.


I remember the day he came.


He agreed that the tree should have been producing pecans two or three years earlier.


The tree appeared healthy, but he said that there was one possibility that could be affecting the tree.


He took some soil samples and called us the next week.


Apparently, the soil lacked a mineral that the tree needed, so he recommended a fertilizer and told us how to apply it.


And the expert was right.


The next year there were pecans everywhere.


You see, the tree wasn’t getting what it needed.


And many times, that is true of our lives as well.


Our lives appear happy and we can’t isolate one reason they shouldn’t be – but something is missing.


For many people the missing ingredient is a daily intake of the Word of God.


That is why the Psalmist wrote in the first psalm that a person who meditates on Scriptures will be like a “tree planted by streams of water” and will yield its fruit in its season.”


So, today, you might need to take a moment and inspect the soil you are planted in.


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