What Satan Forgot to Tell You

June 07 | By Phil Waldrep

I remember the day that I saw an ad for a car that I really wanted.


I met the owner and took it for a test drive.


In those brief moments riding down the highway, my heart was set.


Sure, I asked a few questions but I was eager to complete the deal. 


Moments later, I owned that car!


But my excitement waned a few weeks later when the motor stopped running properly. 


A mechanic told that the automobile of my dreams needed a new transmission, the air conditioning needed some expensive repairs and, as if that was not enough, the tires on the car weren’t going to last much longer.


My bargain dream vehicle became my worst nightmare.


Looking back, the seller didn’t deceive me. 


He answered my questions honestly.


But you might say there were a few things he ‘forgot to mention.’


Temptation is like that.


Satan entices us but leaves out a few details.


Lying to your boss might get you a bonus, or the affair might be fun, or your temper get you your way.


But the devil ‘forgot to mention’ you also might be fired, or lose everything you have, including your wife and kids, or someone might throw you a punch when you scream at them.


An attorney friend likes to say that, ‘the devil is in the details’ but, I would add, Satan intentionally forgets to mention the bad side of the sale. 


James one, fourteen reminds us that, ‘every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed.’


So, the next time you face a temptation, ask your Heavenly Father for the details.


You will be amazed how many are found in his Word.


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