This Will Keep A Dog From Barking

June 15 | By Phil Waldrep

You know, some television programs today amaze me.


There is one show that airs in our area on Saturday mornings.


It is about a guy who teaches people how to train and control their pets.


If your dog is destroying your furniture, then he tells you what to do.


If your dog is jumping on everyone he meets, he knows how to stop it.


And if your dog is barking all the time, the host can teach you to train your dog to stop.


That was the subject of a recent show and the host said that dogs often bark excessively because someone intrudes on their territory and they feel alone. 


So, the way to get him to stop, is to teach him that it is not his territory.


In other words, he must sense your presence. 


Interesting thought, but here is why I think it might be true.


Did you know when the children of Israel prepared for the final plague – the one where the firstborn of Egypt would die – did you know that the Lord said that night there would be a silence in the land, a silence so strong that, according to Exodus 11:7, “not a dog shall growl against any of the people of Israel.”


To express it another way, when God is at work in the lives of his people, literally creation senses it is time to be quiet.


Well, I’m not too worried about the dogs but I am concerned about you.


When is the last time that you experienced the presence of God in a way that you could not utter a word?


It can happen if you will take time to focus on Him and be obedient to His word.


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