Are You Making Memories?

May 30 | By Phil Waldrep

Several years ago, I remember a teenage girl sharing a testimony in a service I was attending.
She said that one of her favorite memories of her childhood was visiting her grandmother and going through her grandma’s memory box.
She said if you picked up the box and looked through it you probably would think it was a collection of a senile old lady.
But everything had a story.
Like the small piece of insulation that her grandmother picked up after a tornado blew their home away – a reminder, she said, of the way the Lord spared their lives.
There was a nickel, the teenager said, that was the last piece of money her grandparents had during the depression and a reminder of how God provided a job when they were about to go hungry.
And, she said, there was a small piece of cloth that her grandmother said held her tears when her youngest child died, and it reminded her of the comfort the Holy Spirit gave her during that time. 
Simple items with precious memories.
And they all had a story to tell – a story of the faithfulness of God.
When Joshua crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, our Lord instructed him to take twelve stones from the Jordan River as they passed.
When they arrived on the other side, the Children of Israel put the stones at Gilgal with one sole purpose: when your children ask what these rocks mean, you can tell them how the Lord brought you there.
What about you?
Do you have any memorials – any items to remind you and your children of God’s faithfulness?
If not, maybe you need to start a memory box.
It will bless you and your children.


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