About Phil Waldrep Ministries

Phil Waldrep

Phil Waldrep is a speaker, author, and founder of Phil Waldrep Ministries. He is married to Debbie Waldrep, and has two daughters — Maegan Schwindling and Melodi Waldrep. His daughter Maegan and her husband T.C. Schwindling are the parents of his granddaughter, Emory.

Starting as a vocational evangelist in 1975, Phil has lead over 1,000 revivals, speaking at some of America's leading churches like Thomas Road Baptist in Lynchburg, Virginia; First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida; First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida; Bellevue Baptist in Memphis, Tennessee; and Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California - home of Dr. David Jeremiah and Turning Point Ministries.

His books Parenting Prodigals: Six Principles to Get Your Son or Daughter Back to God and The Grandparent Factor: Five Ways to make a Difference in the Life of your Grandchild have been well received and include endorsements from Art Linkletter, Dr. David Jeremiah, Josh McDowell, and former Vice President Dan Quayle.

Some of his honors include having been presented the Medal of Honor by the State of Alabama for his work with senior adults; serving on the board of advisors for the Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, Vermont; and serving on the board of directors for the Morgan County Schools Foundation in Alabama.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Phil Waldrep Evangelistic Association is to share the gospel and to provide conferences and resources for people to develop their relationship with God.

Statement of Faith

  • WE BELIEVE in one God co-existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • WE BELIEVE the Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God and is the sole guide for faith and practice;
  • WE BELIEVE Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We believe Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, performed literal miracles, died a blood-atoning death, was bodily resurrected from the grave, ascended to the Father, and will return literally in the future;
  • WE BELIEVE salvation is by grace alone without any effort on the part of man;
  • WE BELIEVE the Holy Spirit resides in every believer and is there to guide the believer in knowing the mind of Christ;
  • WE BELIEVE the local church is the God-ordained institution for fulfilling the purpose and plan of God.

ECFA Financial Accountability

In 1979, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability was formed to help protect the integrity of ministries doing work for Christ. The ECFA is comprised of more than 1800 charitable, religious, and educational organizations – all of which are qualified for tax-exempt, non-profit status. The purpose of the ECFA is to establish a code of financial accountability which is consistent with responsible faith and practice for each of its members. Our membership means you can feel confident in knowing that this organization, Phil Waldrep Ministries:

  • Has a clear and strong commitment to evangelical Christianity
  • Maintains the highest standards of financial integrity
  • Follows strict guidelines and standards for fund raising
  • Believes in full financial disclosure
  • Submits financial records to an annual audit

When you see the ECFA member seal on our literature, you can be assured that your support is going to the work of the Lord.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Phil Waldrep Ministries (incorporated in 1980 as Phil Waldrep Evangelistic Association, Inc.) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Christian ministry located in Trinity, Alabama. We are governed by a board of directors and led by Southern Baptist evangelist, Phil Waldrep. The board members come from all walks of life, including a former teacher, an accountant, a truck driver, and a lawyer. Whatever their background, each member has the commonality of being a devoted Christian with a desire to do the Lord’s will. This desire has brought them together to establish Phil Waldrep Ministries, under God’s guidance. Together with our staff, we seek to spread the word of God with the highest levels of integrity and dedication.